The Sentence

The Sentence


  • Look at these groups of words:
  1. Mary has
  2. Mary has a little
  3. Mary has a little lamb.
  • The first two groups of words do not have complete meaning.
  • The third group has a complete meaning.
  • The third group of words is a Sentence.
  • A Sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense i.e. it has a complete meaning.
  • We always begin a Sentence with a capital letter and put a full stop (.) at the end of a Sentence.
  • We always write the word ‘I’ as a capital letter.


  • Let us look at some more groups of words:
  1. A bird
  2. on the tree
  3. A bird is sitting on the tree.


  1. Cats and milk
  2. Cats love
  3. Cats love milk.


  1. Birds and wings
  2. Birds fly with
  3. Birds fly with their wings.


  1. The girls
  2. The girls are
  3. The girls are playing.


  • The first two groups of words in each group are incomplete.
  • The third group of words has complete meaning.
  • They all are Sentences.


  • It is also important that the words in a sentence are in their proper order. Look at the following groups of words:
  1. Toys balls are
  2. Clothes the dry are
  3. Plays she the violin
  4. Black is crow the


  • We cannot call these groups of words, Sentences, because they are not in their proper order. Their meaning is not clear. Let us put them in their proper order:
  1. Balls are toys.
  2. The clothes are dry.
  3. She plays the violin.
  4. The crow is black.


  • Now, these groups of words make sense. They are meaningful and can be called sentences.

Homes of Animals

As we live in huts or houses. Similarly animals and birds build their homes. Wild animals live in forests. Birds build nests on trees, cliffs or on the ground. Man also builds some shelters for animals. Let us know some of them.

Animals Homes

Tiger                                                                                                      Cave

Lion                                                                                                       Den

Rat                                                                                                         Hole

Rabbit                                                                                                    Burrow

Horse                                                                                                     Stable

Sheep                                                                                                     Pen

Cow                                                                                                       Cow-shed

Dog                                                                                                        Kennel

Birds                                                                                                      Nest

Honey bee                                                                                             Hive

Exercise 1 :- Answer the following questions :

Que 1. Where dose a lion live?

Que 2. Where dose a dog live?

Que 3. Where dose a honey bee live?

Que 4. Where dose a rabbit live?

Que 5. Where dose a rat live?

Animal Sounds Or Cries of Animals / Birds

Animals / Birds Sounds

Cats                                                                                        Meow / Purr

Cows                                                                                      Moo / Low

Dogs                                                                                       Bark (Woof woof bow wow)

Donkey                                                                                   Bray (Hee-Haw)

Monkey                                                                                  Whoop / Chatter

Camel                                                                                     Grump

Lion                                                                                        Roar

Pigs                                                                                         Grunt (Oink)

Goats                                                                                      Bleat (Naa)

Sheep                                                                                      Bleat (Baa)

Horses                                                                                     Neigh

Snakes                                                                                     Hiss (Sss)

Beer                                                                                         Buzz / Hum

Birds                                                                                        Chirp / Peep / Twitter

Crows                                                                                      Caw / Kaak

Cock                                                                                        Crow (Cock-a-doodle-doo)

Hen                                                                                          Cluck cluck

Goose                                                                                       Cackle

Duck                                                                                        Quack quack

Pigeons                                                                                    Coo

Owls                                                                                        Hoot

Frogs                                                                                        Croak

Mouse                                                                                      Squeaks

Elephant                                                                                   Trumpet

Cuckoo                                                                                     Cuckoos

Exercise 1 :- What sounds do the following animals make :

  1. Cats [          ]
  2. Cows [           ]
  3. Donkeys [            ]
  4. Horses [             ]
  5. Sheep [             ]

Exercise 2 : – Match the animals with their sounds :

Animals Sounds

  1. Ducks                                                                               1. Caws
  2. Dogs                                                                                 2. Buzz
  3. Camels                                                                             3. Roars
  4. Lion                                                                                  4. Bark
  5. Beer                                                                                  5. Quack
  6. Crow                                                                                6. Grump



There are some universal saying that are always true look at the following sentences:

  1. The sun shines during the day.
  2. The moon shines at night.
  3. The stars twinkle at night.
  4. The sun rises in the east.
  5. The sun sets in the west.
  6. Fish live in water.
  7. Birds fly in the sky.
  8. Cows give us milk.
  9. Cows eat grass.
  10. The whale is the largest water animal.
  11. Peacocks dance in the rainy season.
  12. The sunflower always faces the sun.
  13. A crow is black.
  14. The sky is blue.
  15. A week has seven days.
  16. There are twelve months in the year.
  17. The earth is round.
  18. The earth revolves round the sun.
  19. The moon revolves round the earth.
  20. Two and two make four.
  21. There are but two sides of a coin.
  22. There are millions of stars in the sky.
  23. Plants gives us fresh air.
  24. Plants help to bring rain.
  25. We cannot live without air.

There are numerous such saying which are true. We cannot quote them all here. Here are some exercises where you have to choose/ pick the right word .

Exarcise 1 :- Choose the right words from the brackets and fill in the blank spaces . The first one has been done for you;-

  1. Fish line in water. (in water/on land)
  2. Birds ______ in the sky.(swim/ fly)
  3. We see with our ______ . (eyes/ears)
  4. We smell with our ______ . (ears/nose)
  5. We hear with our ______ . (ears/eyes)
  6. We taste with our ______ . (tongue/lips)
  7. We need ______ and _____ to line. (air and water/milk and bread)
  8. _______ are good for our health. (fruits/chocolates)
  9. Sugar is ______ . (sweet/sour)
  10. Butter and cheese are made of _______ . (milk/water)
  11. Bread is made of _______ . (floor/flour)
  12. Apples are _______ . (red/blue)
  13. A dog is a faithful ______ . (animal/bird)
  14. Lion is a ________ animal. (domestic/wild)
  15. Ships sail on _____ . (water/land)
  16. A rainbow has ________ colours. (seven/ten)
  17. We must eat _______ food. (fresh/stale)
  18. We should not play with _______ . (fire/toys)

Exarcise 2 :- Here are some sentences with almost similar sounding words. Fill in the blanks with the right word .

  1. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a _____ of water. (pale/pail)
  2. Baa, Baa Black _______ . (ship/sheep) Have you any ______ . (wool/cool)
  3. My grandmother told me a _______ . (tail/tale)
  4. The monkey has a long ______. (tail/tale)
  5. The hen lays _______. (eggs/legs)
  6. Birds lay eggs in ______. (nests/vests)
  7. Ship _____ in water. (sail/rail)
  8. A lion lines in a _____. (den/pen)
  9. Goat’s baby is called a ______ . (kid/lid)
  10. _______ gives us wool. (Ship/Sheep)
  11. Mother cooks foods in a _______. (pen/pan)
  12. Birds have ______ (rings/wings)
  13. He plays in a _______ . (band/hand)
  14. We ______with our hands. (clap/tap)
  15. We ______ with our feet. (clap/tap)