One Word for Many


  1. Animals which live on meat – Carnivorous
  2. Animals which live on fruits – Frugivorous
  3. Animals which live on grass – Graminivorous
  4. Animals which live on plants/grass – Herbivorous
  5. Animals which live on human flesh – Cannibals
  6. Animals which live in flocks – Gregarious animals
  7. Animals which live in water – Aquatic animals
  8. Animals which live both on land and in water – Amphibious animals
  9. Animals which suck their mother’s breast – Mammals
  10. Animals with four legs – Quadruped
  11. Animals with two legs – Biped
  12. The act of talking impiously about sacred things – Blasphemy
  13. The act of speaking aloud one’s thoughts when alone – Soliloquy
  14. Anything that counteracts putrefaction – Antiseptic
  15. The act of literary borrowing without acknowledgement – Plagiarism
  16. Two brothers born at one and the same time – Twins
  17. A bird that comes and goes with the seasons – A Migratory bird
  18. A book published after the death of the author – A posthumous book
  19. A battle which puts an end to all controversy – A decisive battle
  20. A battle which is attended with much bloodshed – A sanguinary battle
  21. A biography of a man written by himself – Auto-biography
  22. Beyond the power of nature – Supernatural
  23. Cessation of arms before a formal treaty is signed – Armistice
  24. A cinema show in the afternoon – Matinee
  25. A collection of poems – Anthology
  26. A child born after the death of its father – A posthumous child
  27. Disease peculiar to a country – Endemic
  28. Destitute of knowledge – Ignorant
  29. Habit of excessive eating – Gluttony
  30. Incapable of being read – Illegible 
  31. Incapable of being understood – Unintelligible, Incomprehensible
  32. Incapable of being blamed – Irreprehensible
  33. Incapable of being heard – Inaudible
  34. Incapable of being conquered – Invincible
  35. Incapable of being seized – Impregnable
  36.  Incapable of being passed over or surmounted – Insurmountable, Insuperable
  37.  Incapable of being seen – Invisible
  38.  Incapable of being wounded – Invulnerable
  39.  Incapable of being exhausted or tired – Indefatigable
  40.  Incapable of being reached or approached – Inaccessible

Compound Sentence – Coordinating Conjunctions

A Compound Sentence is made up of two or more independent clauses. The clauses of a Compound Sentence can be  connected by means of the following Coordinating Conjunctions-

  • Cumulative or Copulative Conjunctions
  1. And – Work hard and you will succeed.
  2. As well as – The cuckoo as well as the nightingale is a singing bird. (Note: Such a sentence is sometimes regarded as a complex sentence also. But it need not be so taken. The sentence, ‘He can write as well as you.’ is definitely a complex sentence, where ‘as well as you can (write) is an adverb clause of comparison.
  3. Both…and – He was both beaten and kicked. (i.e. was kicked)
  4. No less than – You no less than your brother are a rogue.
  5. Not only…but also – He was not only arrested but also hand-cuffed.
  • Adversative Conjunction 
  1. But – He is thin but (he is) healthy.
  2. However – He has broken the rules of discipline; however let him go this time.
  3. Nevertheless – Everything went against his plans nevertheless he stuck to his resolve.
  4. Only – You are free to go wherever you like; only see that you do not endanger yourself.
  5. Still/Yet – He is very poor; still (or yet) he is not dishonest.
  6. Whereas – You say one thing, whereas your brother says something else.
  7. While – His wife spends freely while he is a miser.
  • Illative Conjunctions
  1. For – I cannot die in peace for I am a sinner.
  2. So/So then/then – Truth prevails in the end so (or so then or then) let us be always truthful.
  3. Therefore – It is getting late; let us start therefore.